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Hub - Smart workstation

Hub - Smart workstation
By Editorial Staff -
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The modern workplace is a hybrid space that hosts numerous different people, functions and roles, acting both as an area shared by multiple employees and a setting that provides the isolation needed for optimal concentration. In short, it has to be multi-purpose and adaptable.
Matteo Ragni’s Hub design is a smart solution to this need for flexibility, mobility and modularity in the new working world, providing the option to reconfigure spaces to meet the needs of the daily users.
It combines materials with a contemporary approach, leaving ample room for personalisation and adaptation according to how the space will be used, by who and how often. The key feature is the epoxy powder coated 35x35 mm metal frame, specifically designed in an infinitely repeatable pattern. The overhead section, covered in soundproofing fabric, provides a more refined space as well as offering extra shelf space for placing personal items and integrated LED lighting with a dimmer switch. On the colour side, the natural finishes of the working top are combined with the more striking colours - blue, yellow, orange - of the fabric sections. The tables come with a top-access panel featuring 45° cut-off corners to accommodate cable risers. The accessories include divider panels, bag and coat hooks, cup holders and even a lockable drawer. Hub is like a box without sides that not only encourages relationships between people, but also with the surrounding space.

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