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By Editorial Staff -
Fassa Bortolo has participated in the project

The 1970-built Lido Hotel at Alba Adriatica has been lifted, extended and upgraded. The new internal arrangement of space aims among other things to lend the building identity by use of colour and LED lighting picking out the façade geometry by night. Indoors the hotel has been repartitioned using Fassa Bortolo’s Gypsotech system, especially their Standard and Aqua panels which are treated with moisture-repellent substances to reduce absorption of water and damp. Gypsotech plasterboard sheets are made from gypsum that Fassa Bortolo extract, process and assemble in panel form directly for themselves. The company also provides all the accessories and powder-based products needed to assemble the panels expertly into walls, supporting walls and false ceilings. The outer walls of the building were insulated with the Fassa Bortolo Cappotto System which eliminates thermal bridges and brings the structure into line with energy containment regulations. EPS panels were employed for this cladding insulation. The Fassa Bortolo Cappotto System supplies panels of various kinds, complete with adhesives, skims and accessories, as well as cladding in various colours from the company’s own Colour System.
The added value Fassa Bortolo has brought to this particular project is not just a range of its own products but some fully comprehensive solutions: an Integrated System, therefore, that forms the reference point for any kind of operation.


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