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Ukraine’s economic and cultural centre, Kiev, is undergoing rapid tourist development at present with many hotel chains deciding to set up in the capital. The 5-Star Hyatt Regency Kiev was inaugurated in 2007. It stands in the old town on high round commanding a fine prospect of urban landmarks. The outdoor lighting was designed with a threefold purpose: to create a pleasant atmosphere, help orientation and give the guests a sense of security. By varying the kind of lighting from one spot to another, the outside takes on a different structure as one makes one’s way up to the hotel entrance.
The basic form of lighting is provided by thin BEGA 8995 luminaires along the edge of the green area. They give out as much indirect as direct light, illuminating the ground but also casting a broad beam with no sharply-defined shadows. The high vertical light distribution gives pedestrians a great feeling of security. Set at ground level amid the greenery, floodlights illuminate the trees from underneath and form a delightful atmosphere. Broad paths and stairways lead guests up onto the level of the hotel entrance. Access routes are lined with BEGA Surface Washers 8533.
The less important routes are less brightly lit which itself serves to orient the visitor. The glass surface washers cast a 180° ground light. Sited low down, they avoid dazzle. The large façade of the Hyatt Regency is picked out by narrow-beam luminaires providing intense illuminance. BEGA Downlights 6903 mounted flush with the façade projections create individual focal points and an effect of marked contrast. The light cones with their half-beam angle of 12° accentuate the area between the two columns as well as throwing the building architecture into relief.
Flush installation of these downlights means they vanish into the background by day, leaving the architecture unaffected. Illumination of the hotel forecourt and entranceway is much brighter than the surrounding areas.
The entrance is covered by a filigree steel canopy roofed in glass and hugging the rounded outline of the façade. This feature incorporates two BEGA Floodlights 8412 at each of the structure’s intersection points. In all 72 such floodlights lend the entrance a warmly welcoming note.


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