Hotel Aqualux Spa Suite & Terme
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Hotel Aqualux Spa Suite & Terme

Hotel Aqualux Spa Suite & Terme
By Editorial Staff -

The design for Hotel Aqualux Spa Suite & Terme, in Bardolino on Lake Garda, placed significant emphasis on energy savings, especially in the choice of materials, installations and devices. In such a paradigm, Viessmann created a suitable system to heat the spa, the hotel and the water needed in the rooms, suites, wellbeing centre and pools. The adopted solution uses two 700kW Vitocrossal 300 boilers and 59 Vitosol 200-F flat solar panels. These boilers have Inox-Crossal heating surfaces that provide excellent heat transmission. The heating load for the new combustion chamber is very low, helping to reduce emissions, and the two return connectors optimise condensation. Finally, the self-cleaning effect of the heat exchange surfaces increases safety and durability. The Vitosol 200-F flat plate solar panels with Sol-Titan coating have flexible solar glass on the top that is resistant to the elements and UV rays, and a durable aluminium back section that is shock resistant. This combination creates a long-lasting panel that makes efficient use of the sun’s rays. The 4 Vitocell collector tanks are the final piece in the heating system, ensuring all water heating requirements can be met.

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