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Hope di Luceplan
By Editorial Staff -
The award ceremony is set to take place on July 5, 2010 in the spectacular venue of the Teatro dell’ Opera, the opera house in Essen designed by Alvar Aalto (2010 European Capital of Culture).
Designed by Francisco Gomez Paz and Paolo Rizzatto, Hope was selected by a jury of international experts for its high technological content, innovation, and spotless formal styling. This award boasts considerable international impact. During the 2010 edition of the red dot award, designers and firms from 57 nations worldwide participated; 4252 products were presented overall. This truly represents a worldwide success for a product that, as soon as it made its debut on the market, a little less than one year ago, immediately met with extraordinary critical and public praise.
Ultra-lightweight and modular – fruit of a brilliant design and production project - Hope evo­kes the magic of traditional crystal chandeliers through a modern interpretation that makes use of contemporary materials.
A series of thin Fresnel lenses, produced by embossing microprisms onto polycarbonate film for a refraction effect equivalent to that of glass (without, however, being subject to volume, fragility, thickness, and weight), reduce the level of luminance of the light source while multi­plying the light exponentially, thereby recreating a sparkling effect punctuated by countless small reflections. This surprising and fantastic effect continues to dazzle us even when the lamp is turned off.

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