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Hook by Methis
By Editorial Staff -

that includes good performance and aesthetics with environmental sustainability and safety. Hook turns into an actual wall system and is in itself a perfect synthesis of form and function.
A wall that becomes a dynamic continuum offering plenty of possibilities thanks to the wide array of doors, shelves and accesories that complete it.
A design that perfectly embodies Methis’ philosophy of investing in research and technology with the purpose of envisaging new working contexts, more in line with people’s contemporary lifestyles.

A concept that Jean Nouvel embraces thoroughly: “doing architecture equals to injecting the values of one’s own culture and civilization into what one produces, be it a building, a piece of furniture or a garden”. Designing an object, a piece of furniture or a building actually means to think first of all about the function that can be achieved through an “elementary design that corresponds to the essence of things”.
And this is precisely the founding value of Hook: “Metal architecture, as a homage to Jean Prouvé. More than a partition, but a constructive system, where the joints disappear into the folds of the metal. There’s no “design” visible but rather an interlacing of the components of the wall, which finds its quality in its simplicity. The corrugated and lacquered system is pierced regularly like a punch card or a music score. The wall becomes a device of infinite potential that can be fitted with a comprehensive array of shelves and accessories.”

An integral part of this project is also the research in the field of sustainable materials. This wall is thoroughly realized with recycled and recyclable materials such as aluminum, glass, or the latest generation of chalk-fiber panels, in line with the requirements of organic architecture.
All parameters for people’s safety and for environment respect are solved also granting a high level of performance in terms of resistance and reaction to fire as well as the total absence of damaging substances.
The use of such materials makes it possible to achieve good performances within the domain of fire reaction also thanks to the total lack of plastic elements. The high level of fire-resistance also makes it possible to create fire safe areas or escape routes.
The particular layering of the materials makes the sound insulation very good. The corrugated aluminum skin with its underlying air tunnel, together with the chalk-fiber panels, also represent naturally efficient heat exchange elements and make it possible for the wall to become an active part in the low energy heating and cooling system.
Rather than a mere dividing wall, Hook is also an actual active furnishing system.


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