Holzius - Construction of ecological massive wood houses
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Holzius - Construction of ecological massive wood houses

Holzius - Construction of ecological massive wood houses
By Editorial Staff -
Holzius, Rubner Group have participated in the project

Holzius is synonymous with buildings made entirely of wood in its most natural form. Inspired by nature, holzius has created a construction system made entirely of wood. This system does not use any glue or metal parts, and satisfies the strictest standards in green building and the high-performance technical requirements of modern architecture. The heart of the system patented by Holzius is the wooden peg with a dovetail end, which combines ancient woodworking techniques in a modern way. Holzius therefore makes it possible to create structures without glue or nails, that still ensure excellent dimensional stability and long-lasting airtightness.
The company‘s objective is to create healthy living spaces, renewing and consolidating the bond between man and nature. In order to respond to this mission, holzius offers a wide range of services, from the supply of building elements to the creation of finished building shells, entirely made of wood, including insulation, windows, façade and roof. Working with Holzius, the client will therefore have a single entity to deal with throughout the construction of the entire outer shell, a partner who, at the same time, has the necessary experience in the field of sustainable building entirely in wood.


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