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HL3 by Lamm
By Editorial Staff -
Featuring innovative construction solutions to achieve extremely high standards not just in terms of performance and appearance, but also in the general ergonomics: the linear extension of the backrest makes it more elastic than a traditional structure allowing the seat to adapt to the movements and posture changes of the user, making it more comfortable. The unmistakeably modern chair with a purity of form comes in different versions: chair on four-leg base with fixed or tip-up seat, chair on swivel base and beam-mounted seating. The models on four-leg base are easy to put away and to move so as to meet usage needs: The version with fixed seat is stackable, while the the version with tip-up seat is also nestable. The range is completed with accessories and available in a wide range of materials, finishes and colours allowing you to customize each system to meet your exact project requirements. HL3, designed by Lucci and Orlandini, won the Silver Award at the Best of NeoCon 2010 of Chicago.

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