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High performance glass

for double-skin façades

High performance glass
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When working on a building’s envelope, every designer must make basic choices that impact energy performance, insulation and occupant wellbeing. The glass cladding used in a double-skin facade systems helps achieve the highest performance standards, provided that the right glazing combination is chosen.

Guardian SunGuard glass range is an esthetically attractive coated solar control glass that helps optimize glass-clad facade performance.

A well-designed glazed envelope helps achieve high energy performance, excellent resistance and protection from external agents, while at the same time maximizing thermal insulation. Advanced solar control coated glass helps to optimize the daylight factor and maximize indoor comfort, reducing the need for air conditioning, heating and artificial lighting. From an esthetic point of view, depending on the glass coating and reflexivity chosen, the building may seem transparent and almost ethereal, or else look solid. In either case, the building exploits reflection to conceal all structure support elements.  It is possible to incorporate special anti-fogging coatings to prevent condensation inside passively ventilated double-skin facades.

Any special needs for a building may be ensured by specifying the correct thickness and dimensions, solar protection factor, color and thermal and mechanical resistance of the glass adopted. The careful choice of different combinations produces various aesthetic and technical results, making the use of a specialist team highly recommended. This is why Guardian Glass has a consultancy service for architects, supporting them throughout the design process and helping them select the best building envelope solution for their needs.

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