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Hibry by Dierre

Hibry by Dierre
By Redazione The Plan -
For Hibry to open, just draw the special Easy Key close to the door, this being a device derived from the automotive technology that integrates a conventional key and an automatic transmitter (transponder) that unlocks the latches. At this point, to fully open the door, just turn the handle by pressing the so-called "locking bolt”. The traditional key within the Easy Key therefore represents a security item, only to be used in case of unexpected blackout.
A configuration able to please both domotics fans but also more traditionalist users who prefer to use a mechanical opening.
On the inner side of Hibry, a touch screen display allows opening with a simple touch, adjustment of the door parameters and management of electronic keys - up to 250 and also in a credit card format and key control - that can be set as master or service.
Dierre Hibry is available with revealed hinges or as Wall Security in the flush to the wall version, as single or double leaf, with pull or push opening and with different panelling to suit any architectural requirement, from a listed home to a contemporary building.

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