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Heat, comfort and energy savings

Heat, comfort and energy savings
By Editorial Staff -
Loex specialises in radiant underfloor heating and cooling systems, and in conjunction with Velta Italia it has over 25 years of know-how and technical expertise. Loex’s R&D division has now developed X Performance (Xp), a comprehensive product range for new builds and restoration work that offers cutting-edge technology at real value for money. The Home X17 heating system is anchored on a galvanised metallic grid using supports that keep the tubing slightly above the insulation layer. This ensures the tubing is completely engulfed by the screed, optimising the surface area for heat exchange and, consequently, requiring a lower water temperature to obtain the same temperature in a room. The end result is energy savings. Home PLAIN and Home CORE work with dry screed in areas needing clean-up and remediation work. Xsmart determines the outside temperature and then, using this data in combination with the required indoor temperature, adjusts the water temperature in the heating system and, consequently, alters the heat output. The Xsmart system uses proprietary software and can be integrated into home automation systems. Xtronic is a programmable control system that ensures a constant, uniform temperature in every room, with the option to have different programmes for different days. The use of radio frequency to communicate between the base unit and the probes makes installation quick and relatively cheap as no building work or laying of cables is required.

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