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By Editorial Staff -
AGC Flat Glass has participated in the project

Glass has gained prominence in all forms of architecture in recent years, becoming a key element in creating the identity of a space through intense internal-external dynamics that place a premium on natural light. Extensive glazing, though, requires special solutions to screen and cover windows to prevent an excess of glare, uncomfortably hot temperatures and a perceived loss of privacy. AGC’s partnership with the US-based Kinestral Technologies has resulted in a breakthrough called Halio, a type of smart glass that, either automatically or on demand, can become grey in a few minutes to provide privacy or anti-reflection protection for indoor areas. Halio can be programmed to be triggered by the weather or in relation to the movement of the sun during the day. It can also be activated manually, using voice commands or the wall-mounted panel. The tinting blends beautifully into any architectural style. It is also immediate and can be stopped at the desired level of tinting. At its darkest, Halio offers excellent privacy, making it a top option for the partitions between offices and meeting rooms. And they create a very dynamic sense, as the room can been darkened on demand. Halio’s official European début was in Munich at BAU, with production due to start in 2017 to make it possible for the product to hit the market in early 2018.


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