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Fabric Meets Metal

Habito Collection
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Almost echoing how a tailor might work, Gessi’s latest line of decors and finishes, called Habito, strives to make metal as malleable as fabric, transforming its shape and appearance according to the needs of the environment in which it is to be placed. Founded in Italy in 1992 as a small family-run workshop, the company quickly expanded beyond the country’s borders. Creative research using innovative technologies and Made in Italy products has always been at its core, such that the use of archetypal forms and novel material combinations has become its stylistic hallmark. Since 2017, Gessi’s collections have increasingly used metal to “dress up” fittings and accessories with fine patterns and finishes. This is the idea that inspired the latest Habito collection, whose name comes from the juxtaposition of the words “habitat” and abito or “garment”, a clear expression of the desire to dress the environment through a sartorial lens. With six decors and 13 different Woven Metal finishes, the line is designed not only for the bathroom, but also for wellness facilities – with Spotwater, Shower G shower sets and Limited Edition flush plates –, living environments – with vases and fragrance diffusers from the Home Decor collection – and the outdoors. 

Gessi’s classic decorations – Cesello, Trame, Rigato, Intreccio and Diamantato, to which Unito is added – take on a new energy with Habito, revealing the company’s notable technological skills and attention to detail, aimed at optimizing every three-dimensional, tactile and material aspect of the fittings and accessories. In particular, the Cesello decor is matched with the polished and brushed Warm Bronze finish, which enhances the textural characteristics reminiscent of the work of a goldsmith’s chisel. Alternatively, the Diamantato style is recommended in combination with the Brass finish in golden brass, where the reflections of the material evoke the fluid and sinuous reflections of water, while the use of the spiral motif of Trame in a black metal finish is ideal for refined contemporary environments. Finally, the decors that draw the most directly from the world of fashion and tailoring, Rigato and Intreccio, are offered in combination with brushed Copper and Matte Black finishes, respectively, to maximize the visual effect. Habito leaves open all other possible combinations of finishes and decors in pursuit of a room with a refined, material, elegant look.

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