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Terracotta and interiors

By Editorial Staff -

Terracotta bricks have stood the test of time, reaching across different eras, styles and trends, a favored solution of many of the leading architects, past and present, from a remarkable array of cultural backgrounds. Perhaps through their combination of tradition and innovation, bricks have always remained the basic module - one could say building block - for ever more complex and articulated architectural styles and interpretations by leading architects from across the centuries.

Today, terracotta is ready to enter new spheres, extending the range of its potential applications to interior and furniture design.

SanMarco’s Habitat line cladding was developed in-house in the R&D labs at Terreal Italia, but remains very much in the company tradition of an “open conversation” with the design world, a dialogue in which the firm draws ideas and cues about how terracotta could be used and shaped to meet contemporary functional and aesthetic requirements.

At the very heart of Habit lies the concept of different geometries, shapes that defy the perception of a typical brick, but without compromising on the materiality and distinctive traits that have always helped bricks stand apart from tiles.

The slip bricks are made using a smoothed 1 cm-thick cut from
SanMarco bricks. This is only possible by using steam in the manufacturing process, an aspect that also adds a more structured texture. The resulting surface, in addition to highlighting the internal structure of the bricks, is particularly suitable for the color coating finish of the slip bricks, and the color palette includes Bianco di Carrara (Carrara White), Nero Lavico (Lava Black), Oro Brillante (Shiny Gold), Rosa del Deserto (Desert Pink) and Corten, offering the necessary diversity to match most environments and add the required degree of personalization.

Habitat slip bricks are exceptionally easy to lay, making them an excellent solution for DIY enthusiasts or a clever way to bring individual decorative touches to houses, apartments, hotels, stores, museums, offices and public spaces in general.

The product also comes with a guarantee of 100% natural materials and cutting-edge technology, ensuring excellence in performance.


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