GROUT SELECTION - New Colours for Grouting
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GROUT SELECTION - New Colours for Grouting

GROUT SELECTION - New Colours for Grouting
By Editorial Staff -
Mapei has participated in the project

Grout Selection is Mapei’s new colour palette for grouting mortars and the range of options ensures a finishing touch that adds to the design, regardless of the material (ceramic, terracotta, stone materials, mosaic) and location (indoors or outdoors). Grout Selection has 14 colour options, including 7 totally new additions: Moon White, Sand, Silk, Golden Dust, Mud, Volcano Sand and Tornado.
Mapei’s coloured grouts emit very low levels of volatile organic compounds and are certified to the toughest international standards. They are made using Mapei’s own BioBlock and DropEffect technology, ensuring products that are easy to clean but resistant to mould.
BioBlock technology uses special organic molecules distributed uniformly across the micro-structure of the grout to prevent the formation, at root level, of moulding-causing micro-organisms. DropEffect reduces the absorption of surface water, helping to make the surface especially watertight. Grout Selection is available for Ultracolor Plus grouting mortar (ideal for grouting joints 2 to 20 mm wide), Kerapoxy Design epoxy grouting mortar (suited to grouting glass mosaics, ceramic tiles and elegant stone materials) and Mapesil AC silicon sealant (used in the construction, mechanical, naval and automotive industries).

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