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By Editorial Staff -
Marmi Faedo has participated in the project

The world’s only Grolla marble quarry is on Mt Spagnago in the Cornedo - Valdagno valley to the north-west of the northern Italian city of Vicenza. This marble has some very special characteristics, which have all been rigorously tested and certified, and the sole owner of the quarry is Marmi Faedo. The company is obviously very proud to have sole rights to this marble, but for three generations it has also quarried and processed local stone and marble with complete respect for the surrounding environment and territory. Marmi Faedo has a range of products, but Grolla marble stands out as the ideal solution for outdoor requirements as it is highly resistant to the elements and salt crystallization, and has a water absorption percentage of 0.3. Although excellent outside, it is also incredibly versatile and can be used in almost any part of a building, even for furnishing accessories or as decorative internal cladding. The color palette runs from beige to gray and on to pink, with the textures including polished, brushed, undulating, flamed and sandblasted, adding dynamism and elegance to every single slab. This marble’s technical characteristics have, unsurprisingly, resulted in many architects including it in their designs for, say, swimming pools, ventilated façades and outdoor floors where rain, wind, salt and pollutants would normally rapidly ruin the stone.

CNC machines are used for the processing, ensuring precise calibration and perfect slab adjustment, such that the gaps between pieces practically disappear - producing ideal products for interior design. The range of over 30 textures creates enormous scope for customization in which expansive surfaces add aesthetic value to any architectural environment.

The combination of the magnificent natural characteristics of Grolla marble and the extensive skill and support of Marmi Faedo has been the basis for the company teaming up with numerous leading international architects, including Renzo Piano, Álvaro Siza, Richard Meier and Mario Botta.

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