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Green by Catalano/INova

Green by Catalano/INova
By Editorial Staff -
For the first time ever, ceramics and furniture were designed and developed at the same time, demonstrating the strong synergy of these two important companies . Green is inspired by nature because, in addition to the ceramic items, all the other materials used for furniture and accessories are environmentally friendly: from wood fibre board (FSC-certified), to the finishes - water-based paints, bamboo veneers; to the linoleum counters, consisting of raw materials of natural origin such as linseed oil, wood flour, cork flour and calendered coloring pigments on a natural jute fabric, to aluminum hinges and rails.
Soft and reassuring lines characterize both the ceramic items and dedicated furniture, available in 100, 80 and 60 cm sizes (2 drawers) and dedicated countertops . Thin edges and rounded corners give dynamism and comfort to the collection, which is completed by mirrors, towel rails and shelves (in wood or metal).
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