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Great Metastone

Great Metastone by Porcelaingres | THE PLAN
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Porcelaingres, a brand of the Iris Ceramica Group, leader in the production of high quality porcelain stoneware, presents the Great Metastone collection, which enriches the wide range dedicated to large formats with new textures. The name of the collection indicates the peculiarities that characterize it: “Metà”, from the Greek μετά, indicates change and transformation, a characteristic that distinguishes the coating; in fact, the texture comes from the meeting of different surfaces which, overlapping one another like light veils, allow the underlying layer to show through, creating a new structure. Stone indicates the material that the collection reinterprets in a contemporary key, giving life to a structured surface full of details. Great Metastone is composed of 4 variants of color: Grey Namur, Black Demer, Silver Mond and White Bree, available in natural and polished finish. A color palette that is trendy, playing with cool shades, warmed by delicate tone-on-tone nuances, customizing surfaces, and enhancing the aesthetics of a material with a strong and original character. Proposed in the catalogue in three formats, 300x100 cm, 150x100 cm and the new 100x100 cm format, Great Metastone has a thickness of only 6 mm which makes the sheets light but resistant, allowing installation on walls and indoor/outdoor flooring but also use of the product for the coating of various furnishing accessories. The company thus brings to the market an innovative concept and a versatile material that unites design and functionality, in a surface with excellent technical performance at the service of the latest design trends. Perfectly insertable in both classical contexts and more contemporary settings, Great Metastone goes well with the Porcelaingres collections already in the catalogue, combining with quartz and stones and with woods and cements. An optimal solution for those looking for exclusivity and technology.

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