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Granite® Impression, Granite® Silky Mat

Granite® Impression, Granite® Silky Mat. ArcelorMittal
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Granite® Impression and Granite® Silky Mat by ArcelorMittal have been specifically designed to provide appealing architectural façades. 

Granite® Impression can be formed into sandwich and cassette panels and profiled sheets. It is also scratch and wear resistant, with a solid but flexible coating. The three available patterns and textures are all inspired by nature. Snake, covered with scales of various hues and varying longitudinal forms, diffracts light, giving the steel a bright shine that fades when the sun sets and the night comes. Elephant has a very tough-looking and wrinkled appearance. Agate, in green and brown, is inspired by agate, a
micro-crystalline variety of silica characterised by its fineness of grain and brightness of colour that produces an appealing, beautiful mineral look. 

Granite® Silky Mat comes in two finishes (smooth and rough) and eleven colours. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, it is robust, scratch resistant and highly formable. It combines the mechanical properties of steel with an ultra-thick but flexible coating system that ensures excellent performance. 

The versatility and resistance of Granite® Impression and Granite® Silky Mat, both covered by an automatic 10 year ArcelorMittal guarantee, make them ideal not only for façades, but also for other uses, such as sunscreens, fins, joints and narrow profiles.


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