Grandangolo bathroom warmth and elbow room
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Grandangolo bathroom warmth and elbow room

Grandangolo bathroom warmth and elbow room
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Marazzi has participated in the project

Grandangolo is Hatria’s washbasin and accessory system designed to optimize bathroom space and enhance the look and the feel.
Basins come in a range of sizes, from 50x50 cm to 150x50 cm, rectangular or trapezoidal. Bevelling of the front edge gives greater clearance and makes spaces perfectly usable when otherwise they would be ruled out. They may be wall- or console-mounted; 50x75 cm washbasins may also rest on a G-Top system, a 120x50 cm top formed of a chrome-finish brass frame and a Marazzi ceramic sheet available in Soho Brown, Soho Grey or Stone Collection White. G-Top knits up with the wall tiles as another dimension of furnishing: a pleasing continuity can be achieved between floor, wall and washbasin surround.
The finishing touch to a Grandangolo washbasin system is a G-Wood cupboard. These come in three models combinable into a number of different compositions. The doors may be in larch, birch or glass. As an answer to certain special requirements, Grandangolo’s G-Full forms one large multi-purpose unit including toilet bowl and bidet tucked away in a wooden cabinet which itself creates a new comfort corner. All Grandangolo units can be fitted with easywarm, a system that warms the ceramic surface. By this arrestingly new form of gentle diffuse heating via the ceramics themselves, the pleasure of touch comes into its own.


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