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Graft Riflettore industriale LED


Edited By Editorial Staff - 9 August 2013

Arup and Zumbotel worked together to create Graft, a high-bay LED for industrial that combines functionality and design. It was specifically designed to provide the lighting power needed in industry (up to 28,000 lm with a power input of 280 W) while remaining compact and easy to handle. Installation for both track and hanging lights is quick and requires only one person. The Graft wide beam has been optimised to ensure ideal lighting conditions in areas where concentration is a critical element for the people working there. The glare control is excellent and the transformation of the lighting cone into a lighting pyramid with a square light exit area ensures uniform lighting. The result is no overlapping luminous fields, improved efficiency and a simplified lighting system. Since each LED has a separate lens, direction control is very accurate, meaning these LEDs can be used to efficiently light a single long shelf or a large warehouse. Each light is DALI-dimmable as standard, allowing non-invasive lighting levels and minimising artificial lighting. In turn, this helps optimise energy savings and reduce CO2 emissions. This reduced consumption is flanked by low maintenance requirements, even though light quality remains excellent throughout the product’s useful life. From the first time GRAFT is switched on - and throughout the time it is used - the chosen light colour (4,000 K or 6,500 K) remains stable, providing high levels of colour rendering (Ra > 80).


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