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Going Beyond Private Wellness

Going Beyond Private Wellness
By Editorial Staff -
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Furnishing a home with elements that encourage healthy habits, especially 
self-care, is a necessary part of promoting mental and physical well-being. The bold new frontier of preventive health, natural beauty and anti-aging is actually the home, with the goal being to cultivate one's well-being as a good daily practice to stay healthy for a long time. 
With this in mind, Starpool – a company specializing in the design of cutting-edge wellness solutions based on the balanced use of three fundamental elements (heat, water and rest) that provide numerous mental and physical benefits through multi-sensory pathways – presented two configurations at the recent Salone del Mobile in Milan that demonstrate its commitment to maximizing preventive health and sleep quality through heat and cold therapies, without losing sight of esthetics. 
The oriental-inspired Shade Collection, designed by Cristiano Mino, is an excellent example of this approach, consisting of a sauna, steam room and shower. Conceived as a piece of furniture, the range offers a design that can be seamlessly integrated into virtually any room in the home: the combination of glass walls and wooden slats creates a contemporary feel that dynamically blends into the space in which it is placed. 
The Shade collection can be managed remotely via the My W-Place app, allowing each wellness ritual to be planned and integrated into one's daily routine. 
Starpool has also developed the Molecular Hydrogen Booster, an inhalation system that complements the spa environment by harnessing molecular hydrogen, a powerful antioxidant with beneficial effects on both the body and mind, including preventing cellular aging, promoting cognitive enhancement and aiding muscle recovery after physical activity. It works in tandem with Starpool's two flagship health innovation products designed by Mino: Zerobody Dry Float and the new Zerobody Cryo, the result of careful scientific research.
Zerobody Cryo, Starpool’s innovative addition to the world of cryotherapy, is a revolutionary, safe, comfortable and non-invasive solution for enjoying the benefits of cold therapy, with functioning temperatures as low as 4-6 °C. It uses a system of gradual cooling of the skin that stimulates the immune and metabolic systems, resulting in an enhanced state of well-being that produces a cascade of benefits, including the production of endorphins that reduce stress levels. 
The treatment also tones and rejuvenates the skin, helps relieve muscle and joint pain, and promotes fast and effective muscle recovery. Zerobody Dry Float, the only system in the world able to reproduce the effects of microgravity, is a technological innovation that promotes regenerative well-being with positive effects on stress, muscle and joint pain, sleep, concentration, and mental and physical recovery. Starpool has a clear focus on performance, but not at the expense of impeccable design, so that its products can be perfectly integrated into a wide range of environments, from sports centers and beauty salons to wellness centers and, of course, the home. 

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