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Goccia by Lea Ceramiche

Goccia by Lea Ceramiche
By Editorial Staff -
The Goccia collection transforms the walls themselves. The décor of the surface becomes the centerpiece of the project. The tiles serve as modules that create different tri-dimensional shapes, which play on concave and convex rigorously in black and white. Lights and shadows suggest the continuous movements of the water recreated in stylized shapes.
“I wanted to create a design element that provides texture and movement to the living environment,” said Lenny Kravitz, President of Kravitz Design Inc.
With this project Kravitz Design Inc. introduces unusual tridimensional textures in a glazed glossy and matte finish. Utilizing Lea Ceramiche’s textile know-how, Gociia exemplifies elegant compositions with little ceramic sculptures that combine sinuous and circular lines to create sophisticated environments looking for a new classic.
Goccia comes to enrich Lea Ceramiche’s wall tile catalog. Introducing a non conventional use of the ceramic material and bringing it to the next level to embellish environments that are not the traditional bathroom and kitchen, Lea Ceramiche has been and keeps narrating its own story in the world of surfaces. Starting with Progetto L14 and the introduction of the tridimensional language, the company has aimed to emphasizes the most decorative aspect of wall coverings introducing it as an actual piece of furniture like widely showcased with the “LeaLive” installation back in 2003 during Cersaie in Bologna. Since then, several wall tile collections have been introduced thanks to the encounter between the consolidated know-how of a company established for over 30 years and the visions of architects and designers, getting to 2012 and Kravitz Design Inc., to reconfirm the intrinsic value of the décor where every single item becomes part of a bigger something.

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