Go Green Oman: Oman’s first eco-friendly supermarket
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Go Green Oman: Oman’s first eco-friendly supermarket

Design K

Go Green Oman: Oman’s first eco-friendly supermarket
By Editorial Staff -

Design K focuses on eco-conscious design to create Oman’s first package-free supermarket.

Located in the heart of Muscat, Go Green Oman is the first package-free supermarket in the Gulf Cooperation Council region. Karen Pissarra of Design K, a Dubai-based interior design studio, oversaw the design, space planning, fixturing, and lighting plan for this cutting-edge store, demonstrating her talent for balancing the functional and the aesthetic.

Design K’s approach centered on how customers would move around the space. This involved an in-depth analysis of how to plan the retail space and how to display products, in both cases with an awareness that retail design is not just about the aesthetics of a space, but also about its functionality and how it performs in terms of sales.

The project needed to take into account a number of requirements, including providing large storage and display units for different product categories, seating areas for instore dining, and a large deli counter. The design team focused on each individual article on the client’s inventory to ensure that it was displayed in harmony with the overall concept.

The project was completed with the addition of natural American ash elements, ornamental plants, seamless flooring, and an exposed ceiling that reveals carefully selected equipment. The result is a bright, natural Scandinavian-style store that uses visual storytelling to guide customers organically through the retail space. From the merchandise tables to the vegetable stands and deli counter, every aspect has been planned to faithfully reflect the image of this eco-conscious brand.

Pissarra says, “Mi impegno di portare un senso di gioia e pace attraverso il design in tutti i miei progetti, e Go Green Oman ha offerto l'occasione perfetta per esprimere questa convinzione. Siamo molto orgogliosi del risultato, avendo sviluppato un design che enfatizza e racconta veramente l'impegno del negozio per l'ambiente.”

Go Green Oman is a flagship project that supports the country’s vision for a greener future by 2040.

Location: Muscat, Oman

Architects: Design K

Photographer: Natalee Cocks, courtesy AHEC

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