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Glass-U Railing System

Minimal, Versatile and Protective Elegance

Glass-U Railing System
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I AM Design has participated in the project

The minimal, versatile and elegant design of Glass-U along with the range of combinable accessories make this product among the most flexible continuous glass railing systems from IAM Design, a feasible option for both public and private indoor and outdoor spaces. The blend of a refined style and protection are the essence of the Italian IAM Design brand, which is part of the Gonzato Group and focuses on designing and manufacturing stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum and glass railing systems, stairs and canopies, as well as providing customized solutions. One of the company’s products is Glass-U, which is a viable option for a new build, a restructuring project or a restoration effort because it is available in various typologies. Each series in the IAM Design catalogue has its own specific features, but they share the common thread of a special integrable LED system that lights up the glass panes, turning the product from a simple protective element into an elegant light source.

There are four main lines, each with a different focus: the L series with light aluminum profiles for private homes and sites with low footfall;  the A series, versatility par excellence, is the best compromise between technology and cost for public spaces, restaurants or bars (the A Top series has a patented glass spacer that increases its solidity in addition to the classic fixing system); and the P series, where P stands for precision. The final line is divided into two sub-categories. The first, P2, is for high footfall environments (stadiums, museums, shopping malls) and it was produced specifically to speed up, improve and facilitate the process of aligning glass panes and has a design load equal to 300 kg of force. Such features explain why this series was chosen for the metro in Riyadh and the Libeskind 2 complex in Milan’s CityLife development. The other is P3, the most recent addition, and it is ideal for homes, but like its cousin P2, the glass panes can be easily adjusted and rapidly installed.

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