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Gestalt by Sign
By Editorial Staff -
This journey is designed to facilitate direct contact and showcases the Pesaro-based company’s vision by adding new furniture complements, accessories, washbasins and illumination systems, presenting new lines, new proportions and new finishes: a ‘crossway’ of materials that include wood, colour, natural stone, Astone® and the new Gres porcelain, available either in white or in different colours, textures and decorations. The new work-in-progress collection has purposely been named Gestalt: it represents pure perception, clearly an expression of a theory of shapes influenced by the 1950’s-60’s. Amongst the novelties, the limelight goes to 3 different washbasins (side resting/wall-mounted/freestanding) in grès porcelain that co-ordinate perfectly with already famous Sign collections (i.e. All, Inn, Frame and Sistema) and to a range of lampshades used as complements, all presented by highlighting the Sign concept and its focus on a blend of craftwork and industry which supplies an ideal combination of shape and materials. The language of the presentation focuses on the (very small) footprints of all items, on the colours which, as mentioned, are those of Gres porcelain and on the new furnishing systems also providing slimmer footprints: it is a bourgeois concept that fully exalts materials and the absolute balance between shapes and proportions, either individually or as part of the whole seen/perceived environment.
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