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Edited By Editorial Staff - 9 August 2013

Daniel Libeskind’s extension of the Dresden Military History Museum has radically changed the 19th-century structure of the building, adding a new concrete, steel and glass structure that rises out of the building like a section of a star. It completely up-ends spatial perspective and, in doing this, mirrors how the approach to war and violence has changed. Mapei’s involvement in the project focused on supplying solutions and products for the new administration area, where 3,500 m2 of flooring was laid with resilient and textile materials. Once laid, the substrate for the floor was initially treated with Primer G, before being consolidated and sealed with Primer MF. The surfaces were then levelled using Ultraplan to create a durable floor suited to all kinds of flooring. The choice of adhesive was tied to the flooring to be laid. The first type of floor was made of natural rubber, so Ultrabond ECO V4 SP was used. In sections where conductive natural rubber floors were selected to offer suitable protection against electrostatic charges for components and electrical wiring, Ultrabond ECO V4 Conductive was the product of choice. The textile floors offer extreme versatility and resistance to scratching, leaving Aquacol T as the best choice.


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