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Genius Loci by Valcucine
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Designed by Gabriele Centazzo
Just like old secretaries, Genius Loci conceals a secret and intimate space in a drawer that goes beyond the functional.
Genius Loci is the heart of customisation and available in various finishes. It offers a timeless aesthetic and hand-crafted workmanship that reflects the taste of those who purchase it. The result is sophisticated and refined.
The new interior accessories for Valcucine drawers are modular and functional to adapt to the daily requirements of the users while keeping everything tidy and within reach.
The Genius Loci drawer is available in two versions. One is angled and slightly outward at the bottom, creating a handle and reflecting light in such a way that highlights its tactile material surfaces and hand-crafted elements.
The other is more ‘minimalist’ and aligns perfectly flush with the kitchen doors. The new worktop design and plinth height have made it possible to increase the volume of base units and their storage capacity.
Taking Valcucine’s versatility and customisation to the extreme, the Genius Loci range allows the front of its drawers to be personalised.
The owner’s identity can be expressed by choosing different finishes and handcrafted styles resulting from the excellence of Italian handicraft expertise. From carved to inlaid wood, from mosaics made of stone, even unique ones like Greenforest, to mother-of-pearl, sculptured stone and cut glass. Furthermore, precious metals such as copper, aluminium, zinc and titanium reflect the colours of the rainbow thanks to a special oxidisation treatment. The result is extremely refined and unique
Air Logica System, the revolutionary, ergonomic back panel designed to exploit all the space offered by the extra-deep base units, can be chosen to make the kitchen even more practical.
Air Logica System houses and conceals all the kitchen accessories, such as dish-drainer, weighing scales, small appliances, electric sockets, kitchen-roll holders and utensil hooks. The rear light panel increases visibility on the worktop as well as conveying a very airy feeling, enhanced by the soft opening mechanisms.
The island version contains a new shelf that is useful both for organising utensils and for lighting the countertop and shelf during the food preparation stages thanks to two internal LED strip lights.

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