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By Editorial Staff -
Mapei has participated in the project
The Lafayette department store at Nantes has recently been refurbished.One whole area of the third floor has had its ceramic tile, carpet and parquet flooring replaced by a new English oak floor. The timber was chosen for its light colour and variegated marking, as well as for its solid durability. Mapei were called in on the operation and produced the wherewithal for treating the support, levelling it and laying the parquet. The previous floor was first stripped and the cement slab supporting it was levelled and treated with a layer of Primer G, which is suitable for a porous support, easy to apply, quick-setting and a good bond for the ensuing skim. For this last they next applied high-performance Mapesol 3, and finally stuck the parquet slats (12.5x120 cm) with Ultrabond P997 1K T adhesive. This is suitable for sticking all kinds and formats of wooden floor onto all kinds of support: a single-component polyurethane-based ready mix, it may be used on horizontal or vertical surfaces. It irons out small irregularities in the support and is ideal for large-format wooden flags. Ultrabond P997 1K T is odourless and hypoallergenic; it carries 2 LEED points.

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