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By Editorial Staff -
Marazzi has participated in the project
Hatria’s G-Full, designed by Nilo Gioacchini, is an integrated monobloc bathroom-fittings system. Two basic functions, bidet and toilet bowl, are combined in a single ceramic top devoid of all projections.
The final touch is a bench made of solid wooden slats primed with a water repellent. Simply pressed into place, this completely covers the ceramics and forms a handy elegant shelf: stylish practicality gracing the bathroom.
G-Full is 140 cm in length and 50 cm deep. The toilet bowl can be fitted to left or right. The idea of opposing water jets mixing in a single central whirl makes G-Full extraordinarily easy to use. In designing it great care was taken not to create any architectural barriers.
G-Full forms part of Hatria’s Grandangolo system: a highly original washbasin series whose main feature is its pronounced curving line which neatly bridges the right angle and exploits corner space which is often wasted in a bathroom.

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