FWS 60 CV System Fully transparent façades
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FWS 60 CV System Fully transparent façades

FWS 60 CV System Fully transparent façades
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Glazing pulls down barriers and opens up charming, appealing spaces, and it also allows designers to develop strong connections between the architecture and the surrounding environment. This has created a demand for ribbon windows and glazed façades that are sufficiently energy efficient and practical, while providing the desired interior comfort and adding value to the building. In the face of such a challenge, Schüco has designed the FWS 60 Concealed Vent (CV) façade system for aluminum ribbon windows. It has already won the prestigious 2016 iF Design Award Gold. 

The slimline profiles create uniformity between the glass pane and the load-bearing frame such that, viewed from the exterior, the fixed fields and opening units are indistinguishable. On the inside, only a small, flat slimline shadow gap gives the game away.

Schüco’s FWS 60 CV ribbon windows offer excellent sound and thermal performance, and safety and security levels in both new builds and refurbishments. For example, the Uf value can reach 1.5 W/(m2K), while the system also has anti-intrusion (up to class RC2) and safety barrier certification. The latter is achieved through the addition of a spandrel safety barrier that is completely integrated into the profile to make it invisible while it provides the desired protection. FWS 60 CV uses Schüco’s SimplySmart fitting system to simplify on-site installation. 


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