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Fusta by Grespania | THE PLAN

This series is so realistic you will not be able to tell the difference between natural wood and porcelain. It is inspired by the Fusta, a fast, lightweight boat that was the favourite of the Barbary pirates. Cut into 26x160 cm and 19.5x160 cm boards, these formats endow the Fusta series with great beauty and realism. The relief patterns drawn from the American oak provide the necessary texture, and at the same time elegance, for interior use. The series comes in three naturally-inspired colours: noble, elegant Walnut; strong, warm Oak; and tough, fine Larch. The series is completed with unique, exceptional decorative pieces that endow rooms with an inspired modern feel. These include Missouri, a floorboard with a finishing touch in gold-lined oak, a decorative mesh-mounted tile called Nigra, made up of wood-look rhomboids of different thicknesses, and Larix, a trapezoidal form that allows the combination of geometric shapes to create singularly spectacular flooring.


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