Hiti, Flaps - Furnishing feature flat radiator
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Hiti, Flaps - Furnishing feature flat radiator

Hiti, Flaps - Furnishing feature flat radiator
By Redazione The Plan -
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Cutting-edge manufacturing combined with the search for design elegance is the essence of an Antrax radiator. No longer constrained by merely being a “provider of heat”, these radiators offer a genuine furnishing element to help define a room. Simone Micheli designed the new Hiti radiator, creating a flat oval-shaped structure in stainless steel (200X48cm) that is a mere 3 mm thick. It can be placed horizontally or vertically, turning it into a powerful compositional element, or it can be located in a corner to hide edges and bring a sense of seamless fluidity. Hiti is available in different colours and has a towel rack option. The design lends it more to use in private residences and hotels. The connection between the heating plate and the pipes uses a built-in system that ensures Hiti only juts out 4.5 cm. Flaps (171x35cm and 201x35cm) is made with energy efficient aluminium, but when Victor Vasilev designed it, he based his idea on careful observation of the shapes and functioning of flat radiators. To prevent the pollution of the “clean” lines of the radiator through the addition of things like towel racks, the rectangular plate has folds that both interrupt the continuity of the radiator and provide an ideal space for towels. Flaps also comes in an electric version and can be coated in over two hundred different colour shades.


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