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Matteo Brioni

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It is confirmed the collaboration with Wall & decò at Cersaie 2018. The flooring of the booth is realized by Matteo Brioni. For the 2018 edition of the exhibition, TerraFrame project (design Studio Irvine) is proposed in the new variation, that is different from the previous versions. This year, the flooring is composed by TerraPlus, and by a new geometric element called FUGA: a cross in natural copper designed by Studio Irvine and realized by De Castelli. TerraPlus is a mixture of raw earth with added mineral binders and polymer resin, which allows obtaining the greater abrasion resistance and water resistance without losing its permeability.
A project that born under the artistic direction of architect Marialaura Rossiello of Studio Irvine, who explains: “the theme is inclusion, that is to say, insert the rigid elements into the continuous surface of Matteo Brioni. In line with TerraFrame project, this year for Cersaie, we designed a metal element that resume the classic design of FUGA in the common pavement. Nevertheless, the effect is inverted, FUGA becomes a rigid element while the tile is the fluid element. Sometimes FUGA escapes to discover that in the reality there is no tile, but a continuous flooring. The material chosen is the natural copper that changes its appearance with the passage of time and of its use, just like the surface in the raw earth. Two materials that meet in an innovative flooring design”.
A solution to combine the rigid elements with the mixture of raw earth that has been offering by Matteo Brioni for a few years, creating flooring designed specifically for each situation. A real journey back in our history up to the first Etruscan and Roman decorative natural floors. It is no coincidence that raw earth is the oldest building material in the world; retracing its adventure in architecture means retracing the history of humanity. Beautiful, hypoallergenic, versatile, the earth is a material that comes from a careful pre-selection of clay and aggregates treated by the most diverse territories, blended to obtain the chromatic, tactile and functional qualities best suited to each use. This material has the ability to absorb light, constantly changing shades. As once, just add water to produce floors, plasters and finishes, giving shape to spaces and funds from timeless materiality and beauty.


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