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By Editorial Staff -
Mapei has participated in the project

The Fram Museet in Oslo is a museum devoted to the history of Norwegian polar exploration. It features one ship, the Fram, which carried three major expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic from 1893 to 1912. Inaugurated in 1936, the museum was renovated in 2010 and clad in external insulation. The system chosen was Mapei’s Mapetherm, a comprehensive range of indoor and outdoor insulating cladding formed of adhesive, a layer of insulation, a fibreglass reinforcing mesh, a layer of basic render, primer, the final skim and accessories (aluminium profiles, polypropylene rawlplugs to fix the insulation panels, nylon plugs for the profiles).
The old render was first stripped off; then Mapetherm AR1 mortar was used to stick the rockwool insulating panels. Aluminium angle profiles were applied to the corners using fibreglass Mapetherm Profil mesh. Twenty-four hours later render was applied again with Mapetherm AR1. Fibreglass Mapetherm Net was applied to this layer while still fresh, followed by another coat of Mapetherm AR1 to form a single layer enveloping the mesh. The skim was in Silexcolor which includes Silexcolor Primer and a mineral surface render of Silexcolor Tonachino.
External insulating cladding by the Mapetherm system gives the building an appreciable reduction in energy consumption, improves indoor comfort, and eliminates condensation from water vapour inside the masonry.


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