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Folio Hybrid by Runtal
By Redazione The Plan -
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The RUNTAL FOLIO HYBRID designer radiator from the creative workshop of the renowned designer duo King & Miranda intelligently combines classic central heating operation with an electrically operated heating component. The central heating system ensures evenly heated rooms with a high proportion of pleasant radiant heat, while the electrically operated infrared heating element, which has an elegant glass surface and can be switched on separately, also enables quick, economical pre-warming or drying of towels – even in the summer months. Depending on the height of the designer radiator, the towels can be hung on one or two chrome-plated towel rails. In addition, RUNTAL FOLIO HYBRID's towel drying function has 3 timer options – 30, 60 or 90 minutes and can be activated by means of a clear touch control panel which is integrated into the glass surface.
The innovative hybrid construction of the designer radiator consists of a discreetly matt-finished surrounding heating surface, which is connected to the central heating system. Behind this, there is a copper heating coil embedded in a honeycomb structure made from aluminium, which is enclosed by expanded natural graphite. This material has ideal properties including high thermal conductivity, durability and low density. The infrared heating element in the inner part of the heating surface consists of a heating foil between two thin glass plates of 4 mm each.
RUNTAL FOLIO HYBRID is available in matt black with the glass element in black gloss, as well as the designer radiator in matt white with the glass element in white gloss. Both versions are available in two heights (1500 and 1800 mm) and two corresponding thermal outputs (514 W and 648 W central heating output with an additional 100 W electrical output for each).
Due to its highly intelligent and innovative production technology, RUNTAL FOLIO HYBRID is an impressive example of the latest radiator technology combined with high aesthetic appeal – without any compromises in terms of performance.

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