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Floor Landscape Collection

Wooden Textures and Decorative Patterns in an Italian Story

Floor Landscape Collection
By Editorial Staff -
CP Parquet has participated in the project

The Floor Landscape collection from CP Parquet was born from the reinterpretation and transposition of the culture, history and style of four iconic Italian territories – Milan, Florence, Venice and Corvara. This capsule collection, designed by architect Monica Armani, has been released in celebration of 40 years in business for this company from the Veneto region of Italy. Innovative compositional solutions and textures draw from the Italian art, sculpture and architecture of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and later periods to provide refined nuances.

Based on four scenarios, Floor Landscape includes both wooden floors and wood surfaces and it sets out to embellish interior spaces like a tailored outfit such that the wood is transformed into a garment and its surface into that part of the fabric on which decorative textures are exalted. This tailored approach very much summarizes the collection, in which the surfaces are designed by playing on proportions and balancing dimensions, materials and colors.

Boiserie Milano Necchi Courtesy CP Parquet

The Milan scenario, characterized by an orderly and coherent style, has wooden floors with trapezium-shaped elements and a variety of linear and offset laying options. The wooden paneling has carved decorative motifs, called Niemeyer and Necchi, in which the latter uses rhombuses for each slat that can be combined vertically or horizontally in a changing array of textures. The Mini, Milano Scala and Milano Quadro frames are made from a raw, exotic Ayous timber in a custom finish that is produced directly on site. The essence here is 20th-century Milanese culture, so the contemporary feel is evident.

The Florence scenario draws on the traditions of this city that was the cradle of the Renaissance. Language celebrating this tradition underpins the Giotto and Bifora paneling and invokes the narrative of Florentine skylines. The Mini Tondo and Firenze Cupola frames then round off this scenario. The slightly ribbed pattern of the Strozzi floor not only provides a contrast, but also draws inspiration from the stonework of the city streets.

Pavimento Milano Trapezio Courtesy CP Parquet

The Venice scenario captures the typical architectural contamination of the Serenissima Republic. The Damascus floor is premised on the concept of integration, with a crisscross fabric effect that can be combined with the Venezia Arabesco and Venezia Calle paneling, as well as the Mini Tondo and Venezia Goccia frames.

Finally, the Corvara scenario finds its shapes in the pointed peaks of the Dolomites. The Pendio floor has a rather unique, slightly angled head cut. Corvara Sassongher and Corvara Piz Sorega paneling with Mini and Corvara Diedro frames replicate, in the interior designs, landscapes and architectures inspired by the mountains.

In many ways, Monica Armani's Floor Landscape is more a philosophy than a collection, the result of a humanistic vision of architecture and living environments. At the same time, it is a homage to a country that abounds with natural beauty, artistic heritage, art, literature and poetry that is worth protecting. It is a collection that recognizes its own historical and cultural roots.

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