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Floating Bathtub by Toto | THE PLAN
By Editorial Staff -

How do things feel? How do we experience our everyday lives with them? TOTO uses such elementary questions to guide their development processes when creating new innovations for the bathroom. At ISH 2019, the Japanese company presented new bathtubs that transform the time spent in the bathroom each day into a rejuvenating wellness ritual. They feature uniquely innovative technologies and materials along with an exclusive design to create an all-encompassing experience of comfort. A bathtub is an absolutely essential part of Japanese bathrooms. According to one tra¬dition, people absorb nature’s energy by taking a hot bath – especially in an onsen, one of the many hot springs found throughout Japan. A bath in the new Floating Bathtub promises pure relaxation. These are available in round and angular designs, and both feature TOTO’s new Recline Comfort technology: the inner shape of the bathtub puts the bather’s body in an ideal position for relaxation. An ergonomically shaped headrest allows the shoulders and head to relax fully. The body reclines as in a comfortable embrace, keeping the natural S-curve of the spine from the nape of the neck to the lumbar vertebrae – for deep relaxation, and an all-encompassing feeling of tranquility and lightness. A footrest was also designed in the scope of the ergonomic studies that provided the ba¬sis for Recline Comfort. It can also be used as a child’s seat – making it possible for two people, ideally an adult and a child, to comfortably enjoy the bath together. Each model is equipped with two handgrips to provide comfortable armrests while bathing and help bathers stand up when finished.


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