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Flexy Lenofon di Holteg
By Editorial Staff -
The solid wood panels are finger-jointed and consequently knotless and flawless.
The surface can have a natural, sober brushed structure or can be colored in biological dyes on request. In combination with the environmentally-friendly insulating materials hemp and wood fibreboard, Lenofon achieves high acoustic values and consequently increases the “audible” feel-good factor. The high-grade solid wood emits warmth and lends rooms a unique expressiveness. Walls with the slotted panels have a calm appearance, while the perforated design is visually livelier. The large number of covering types, including linear, square, undulated and asymmetrical coverings, offer architects and designers a great deal of design freedom.

Lenofon flexy is a flexible acoustic covering that can be installed on curved walls. It is composed of strips of wood applied to a 'non-woven' material in non-contaminating polyester. The wind-up structure adapts to curved surfaces, such as columns and vaults, and it can also be used to cover several types of decorating elements.

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