Flexible Architecture by Ceramica Sant'Agostino
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Flexible Architecture by Ceramica Sant'Agostino

Flexible Architecture by Ceramica Sant'Agostino
By Editorial Staff -
The joint, which until today represented something to hide and eliminate, with this collection takes up a new different, material and physical feature by becoming itself a modular decorative element.
«It’s only the beginning of an infinite potential, of a new creativity to serve architecture and architects.- declared Philippe Starck – Finally, I discovered I can exaggerate the joint and enhance it on one side, on two sides, on four sides in order to create an innovative architectonic subject. With texture, without texture, with matt, glossy: finally I can make a precise architecture for the covering and the floor.»
Flexible Architecture is not just a simple collection, but a real architectonic system that, thanks to the wide combination of different thickness, surfaces, joints, finishes and colours offers the designer endless composition possibilities.
The joints, now an integrant part of the tile system, can be on four sides or on one side, on two sides or on three sides, or on no side at all.
The different colours, all in plain shade (grey, white, yellow and greige) combined with the two finishes – one in matt effect (silky) and the other one with glossy effect (liquid)- open a new and unexplored territory in the designers’ imagination.
Finally the product thickness, 7mm for the three-dimensional joint and 12 mm for the structural surface, realized in two specific surface typologies – one surface rocky, substantial, rough, almost archaic and the other one slightly wavy, recalling the precious handmade Italian ceramics – give an unprecedented range of combinations.
With Flexible Architecture the wall covering takes on a totally new potential: from customary decorative element to new architectonic system.

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