FIRIN'O Artisan Bakery, a cozy coffee shop with dynamic interiors
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FIRIN'O Artisan Bakery, a cozy coffee shop with dynamic interiors

The warm and inviting space reflects the family brand's heritage with a young and innovative design


FIRIN'O Artisan Bakery, a cozy coffee shop with dynamic interiors
By Girift -

FIRIN'O Artisan Bakery is a project, by Instanbul-based firm Girift, combining bakery and coffee shop concept, located in the center of Gaziantep, Turkey, a city known for its rich culinary culture. The founders of the brand come from a family that has been involved in flour milling for four generations, bringing together Mesopotamian grain culture and craftsmanship with modern technology. They continue their heritage with their own production of sourdough bread, which is the expertise of their brand.


FIRIN'O Artisan Bakery, a warm and inviting space

Interior design has been coinceived to create a warm and inviting space that reflects the family's heritage and takes the brand to a different level with a young and innovative design. Girift combined architectural elements that create a sense of belonging and identity with elements that carry the aroma of freshly baked bread, coffee and sweets.

The main goal was to take advantage of the 6.3 m ceiling height to create a shell that reflects its functions and provides visual unity. Girift designed a parametric shell made of solid oak wood slats measuring 5x5 cm. This modular system, which started as a shelf on the wall, continued on the ceiling and turned into a wooden suspended ceiling system. This solution not only added dynamism to the space but also allowed to install lighting fixtures, improve acoustics, conceal mechanical elements, and create a unique experience.

Architects also designed a metal mezzanine to take advantage of the height and a gallery space was left at the entrance of the shop to feel the height. The mezzanine was left as an open space, industrial-style and white, in contrast with the warmth of the space. To support this idea, they preferred to keep the ceiling exposed for mechanical and technical lighting.


Feeling the aroma of freshly baked bread, coffee and sweets

The large windows on the building façade help to bring in natural daylight and create beautiful shadow effects on the custom-made white ceramic display counter with soft brown-colored leather details and on the seating groups which were specially designed for the project too. Handmade ceramic tiles were made from 'O' patterns designed for the visual identity of the brand. These were combined with a special ceramic modulation with rounded corners to create dynamic and layered sales and display units.

The use of solid oak wood details throughout the space further enhances the warmth and comfort of the space. The floor is covered with a sand carpet that reminds us of coffee beans and emphasizes the material. The custom-made dining tables have white embossed metal legs and ribbed glass tops. This contributes to the space's multi-layered material, texture and surface understanding.

With its innovative and intimate interior design, FIRIN'O invites customers to spend time and enjoy a delightful experience at different times of the day. The cozy background and unique atmosphere, combined with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and freshly baked bread, make FIRIN'O the perfect place for delightful conversations.


Location: Gazientep, Turkey
Completion: 2023
Area: 525 m2

Architecture and Interior Design: Girift
Construction: Fikret Ağan
Lighting: Nergiz Arifoğlu LightStyle

Photography by Emre Dörter, courtesy of Girift

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