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Filinea by La Cividina | THE PLAN

Antonino Sciortino and LaCividina have teamed up again to create Filinea: a futuristic armchair made of round, extremely slender steel bars that was inspired by a plant. Natural and technical qualities have come together to form its airy outline. The original idea for the Filinea armchair came from the distinctive appearance of euphorbia tirucalli trees, which are very widespread in the South of Italy. They are a particularly common sight in the Sicilian homeland of designer Antonino Sciortino, who has always had close ties to his roots. The thin, intricately arrayed branches of the plants have been recreated in a seemingly impossible design. Tangled geometrical shapes crisscross to create the ethereal chair. Working with round steel bars that are just a few millimeters thick requires great technical prowess. The designer has previously used the approach in other projects, but never on this scale. LaCividina’s craft experts created the individual outlines then joined them together at different heights to make them look like a single piece with one thread that had been twisted over and over again. It feels like you are floating on air when you sit on the ultra-light seat, which weighs just 7 kg.

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