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Form and Function at its Simplest

FFQT Collection
By Editorial Staff -
Quadrodesign has participated in the project

“Sometimes the simplest design is the most effective”. This was the cue for Quadrodesign’s elegant FFQT bathroom faucet collection whose minimalism at times seems even to border on the primal. Developed in partnership with Formafantasma, the research and design studio founded in 2009 by Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin, the new range developed out of research into the influence of ecology, sustainability and respect for natural resources. The result: elements whose ancestral forms hark back to primary elements like water and the circle. The latter – in its simplest form or as complex, mathematically calculated configurations – is referenced in the washbasin and bathtub mixers – both the standalone or recessed versions – and in all accessory items, including the sliding shower rail. On the market in the fall of 2022, the series will include traditional bathroom features – single hole faucets for washbasin and bidet, wall-mounted elements and spouts, shower and bathtub units – but also a shower slide rail with a built-in water outlet, a shower kit with a magnetic connection and a rachet-type directional device, as well as an outdoor shower rail in weather resistant AISI316L stainless steel.

Collezione FFQT Courtesy Quadro

The circle conjures up many images: movement that has no beginning or end, the endless circular movement of a pencil on a sheet of paper, circular rather than linear time, as well as the harmony of the circle, especially when linked to the pleasurable flow of water. Going beyond these abstract references, Quadrodesign and Formafantasma’s approach is firmly rooted in today’s world. Context, process and detail were the three concerns of the designers as they researched how the worlds of ecology, history and sociology influence contemporary design.

It was their shared environmental concern that brought the two partners together. As Enrico Magistro, the creative force behind the brand, notes: “Right from the outset, Quadrodesign’s philosophy has been sustainability, choosing and working with a noble material such as stainless steel, and seeking out environmental, resource-friendly production systems that look to the long term. This fits perfectly with Formafantasma, one of whose primary concerns is the impact the industrial production of their designs will have on the planet”.

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