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Festa Credenza: constantly evolving design

George Ranalli DESIGNS

Festa Credenza: constantly evolving design
By Redazione The Plan -

According to architect and designer George Ranalli, design isn’t simply producing objects. It’s about creating works of art that express something of the nature of human identity. In fact, since opening his studio in New York in the late ’70s, Ranalli has always approached his work as a medium for expressing his ideas about the human experience.

With a passion for the history of traditional craftsmanship that goes beyond function, Ranalli imbues his furniture designs with powerful ideas about homes as places where memories, associations, and dissonances transcend the physical. Inspired by the inventiveness of 20th-century interior design, the history of craft traditions, and the human need for a sense of place, Ranalli has developed a uniquely modern design language that’s particularly in tune with both history and setting.

A few custom-made furniture pieces, originally designed for a particular building, have continued to evolve, taking on new forms and functions. They include his flexible modular furniture and casual seating lines, all pieces that typify the George Ranalli DESIGN product range.


Festa Credenza is the result of a thoughtful, balanced, and scientific approach to design. With it, Ranalli set out to transform the recognizable shape of a sideboard into something less recognizable, simply to arouse curiosity. Anne Valentino, who specializes in social sciences, contributed to the project with her research into the creation of highly expressive everyday objects in tune with human needs.

Festa Credenza is a modern reboot of the kind of traditional sideboard – with no legs, or extremely short ones, and sliding doors – typically found in dining rooms. It avoids the simple, rectilinear composition with its T-shaped design, comprising a central element flanked by two cantilevered wings. The 1:2 ratio of its geometry reflects the shape of a bird in flight. The sideboard can be used in domestic, office, retail, or education settings. Users can personalize the piece by adjusting its three dimensions: horizontal, vertical, and inside out. The artfully arranged sliding drawers provide plenty of space for documents, equipment, or any kind of personal belongings.

Available finishes range from exotic wood veneers to composite panels made of recycled paper or marble. The materials were chosen to enhance the quality of the piece and reduce its environmental impact, with each material both reducing waste in the manufacturing process and improving durability. Exotic wood veneers, including olive ash burl and macassar ebony, celebrate the craft tradition of creating expressive furniture designs using veneers, which dates from ancient Egypt.

Product: Festa Credenza I, George Ranalli DESIGNS
Materials Olive Ash Burl with Walnut on 3/4" Baltic Birch Plywood base.
Finish: Matte.
Dimensions: L 78" W 20” H 34"

Product: Festa Credenza II, George Ranalli DESIGNS 
Materials Makassar Ebony with Olive Ash Burl on 3/4" Baltic Birch Plywood base.
Finish: Wax Effect.
Dimensions: L 84” W 20” H 34”

Product: Festa Credenza III, George Ranalli DESIGNS
Materials Birdseye Maple veneer and Walnut on 3/4" on Baltic Birch Plywood base.
Finish: Matte.
Dimensions: L 68 W 18” H 34”

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