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Timeless Elegance and Performance

By Editorial Staff -
Ottostumm | Mogs has participated in the project

Italian firm Mogs has been in business since 2008, founded specifically to exalt the esthetic use of steel in doors and windows. In 2015, the company started working with long-established Swiss firm Montanstahl, leading to the Ottostumm | Mogs brand, a revival of those wonderful thin lines and shapes at the heart of the Bauhaus style. In such a project, the unabated search for the perfect balance between design and the highest performance is essential.

In practical terms, this has been knowingly transposed by the designers into a number of product lines with a common thread of extensive glazing and slender profiles. Such windows add value and elegance to both a new design and a refurbishment project, providing an element that characterizes the external geometries of a façade and determines how much natural light can reach deep into the interiors.

In this venture, the FerroFinestra series marks a genuinely authentic return to the 1930s, with its shapes and overlapping lines. It is produced in both a hot-rolled version, which closely resembles the original manufacturing technique, and a thermal break one. This series not only comes in steel in a range of finishings, but also in architectural bronze, which is a copper and bronze alloy with a lovely warm hue that changes over time.

The FerroFinestra collection includes the Stucco, W20 and W40 series, the only products on the market made with the original hot rolling manufacturing process. The benefit of such an approach is the metal has a powerful material feel that amplifies the raw, natural nature of steel, with the imperfections from the rolling process adding to this sensation - an aspect designers and architects often delight in.

The W50 TB (Thermal Barrier) series has the same profile design, but with improved energy performance and user comfort. By using both solutions in the same project, for the interior partitions and the exterior doors and windows, continuity of style is ensured, unifying the feel of the building envelope with the interior design, but without compromising on performance.

The most recent addition to the FerroFinestra collection is the W75 TB profile, which takes an esthetics of lightness and merges it with demanding performance standards. Made of galvanized steel, stainless steel, weathering steel and architectural bronze, these profiles have multiple size options and are also matched with a specific series of doors.

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