Façades that Express Perfect Synergy
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Façades that Express Perfect Synergy

Façades that Express Perfect Synergy
Velko Group embraces three major companies that operate in the architectural façades sector: Velko, ST Façade Technology and Taltos. The companies work in perfect synergy, teaming up on one another’s projects to offer a full, turnkey service. Velko, the Group’s lead company, has been operating for over 27 years, mainly on the Russian market and in former Soviet Union countries. Velko uses traditional materials such as glass and aluminum, and leading-edge materials available on the market including acrylic panels and composites, terracotta, ceramics, granite, natural stone, marble and plastic. As part of its long and fruitful working relationship with Schüco, Velko has over the years realized more than 150 projects, including several skyscrapers for Moscow Internation Business Center (Federation Tower, Evolution Tower, World Trade Center, Eurasia Tower and Northern Tower). It has also worked on other iconic projects in which translucent stained glass windows take on complex organic shapes, one example being the dome of the Nevskaya Ratusha. Specialized in managing the entire design and construction process for its range of technological solutions, Velko has covered some 20,000 sq. m of production facilities around Moscow. In addition, 10,000 sq. m of ST Façade Technology and 15,000 sq. m of Taltos installations are up and running in Italy. ST Façade Technology is an Italian design and construction company specializing in the integrated, multidisciplinary design of advanced architectural casings, lightweight structures and transparent coatings. Thanks to the creativity of ST Façade Technology’s young team, Velko Group has engineered projects that successfully integrate technology and design. State-of-the-art technical solutions enable the company to create numerous pioneering structures for architectural façades, including lightweight three-dimensional steel and aluminum frames, and roofs and façades held aloft by cable tensostructures and pneumatic structures. Taltos is the company that completes the puzzle, bringing its expertise in precious natural stone to Velko Group. Taltos marbles and granites are classified as ultra-thin, offering thicknesses all the way down to 5 mm thanks to the company’s special patents. In addition to these, the company offers other new products such as the translucent Quarz, which is also made from an ultra-thin slab laminated onto glass, durable Multi - an ultra-thin stone panel reinforced with honeycomb or structural aluminum panels -, and thin Folio stone slabs, available at up to 1.5x3 m in size.
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