Faraway Bathroom a journey of the senses
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Faraway Bathroom a journey of the senses

Faraway Bathroom a journey of the senses
By Editorial Staff -
Zucchetti Rubinetteria has participated in the project

In recent years the bathroom has become a key environment within the home, a fact reflected by the new approach to bathroom design by architects and manufacturers.
Faraway, the first collection to issue from Zucchetti.Kos, the new group formed by the two companies, was four years in the making. Several materials and new energy-saving technologies were assessed in the search for the bathroom scenario that would step outside the ritual sequence and embody freedom, freshness and a sense of renewal.
Ludovica+Roberto Palomba have designed the whole collection as a journey of the senses, a metaphor of a real and virtual experience of new lifestyles. The range is extensive: 10 different types of material; 50 tapware items; 2 bathtubs; 3 sinks, a spa concept, as well as 30 accessories and complementary articles. The Faraway/Taps project blends the directness of verticality with softly rounded edges and curves. The particular angle of the spout produces water that seems to gush from a natural spring. Faraway/Shower Heads demonstrate how precise geometry can generate personal wellbeing. Rain and cascade showerheads can be completed by blades of light to further enhance the sense of physical and mental relaxation. Designed as wall-mounted or part of a stand-alone tap system, Faraway/Accessories in chromed brass or white provide a range of design options. Modular accessories for the organic-shaped shelves release aromas and essences.
The Faraway.Kos Collection includes a small pool, a vis-à-vis bathtub, a rounded freestanding sink, and a squared wall-mounted or column-supported sink with a range of accessories. The form of the freestanding vis-à-vis bathtub harks back to the organic asymmetry of the natural world. Its shape widens and narrows to fit the human form. The texture of Cristalplant material lends the bathroom a tactile immediacy. With Faraway/Pool, a small fibreglass pool, Kos presents its spa concept that blends function and aesthetics. The stepped access lights up; the sunken overflow channel running around the tub enhances the tub contours; the blower under the access steps gently ruffles the water lapping the top of the tub. The asymmetrical base of the freestanding washbasin Faraway/Round means it can meet a wide variety of placement requirements: set against a wall with wall mounted taps; as part of a sidewall assembly with wall-mounted or freestanding taps, or in the centre of the room with freestanding tap. The streamlined geometries of Faraway/Square can be combined with “cooked” ash wood furnishings in the sidewall version. The Faraway.Kos Collection is completed with a series of painted-metal modular shelves and tables, coloured container trolleys, and “cooked” wood cabinets that contrast to great effect with the white sanitary ware.

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