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Falling in Love, Falling Water, Casino 8

Tobias Grau

Falling in Love, Falling Water, Casino 8
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Tobias Grau started to design luminaires in the mid-eighties. In 1987 he founded his own company in Hamburg and in just a few years gained international acclaim. His latest creations - Falling in Love, Falling Water and Casino 8 - make use of LED light applications. Falling in Love can be described as a sphere of light in a nest. Simple, sleek design combines with great flexibility of use. Falling in Love can be a table lamp with glossy or black aluminium sphere, black or yellow flex and red, blue or black base. It can also be a worktop lamp, placed on a shelf or even on the floor. The 6W LED light source guarantees strong light and good colour reproduction. Falling Water takes its cue from drops of water falling from a height. The chandelier comprises 9 such drops in satin-finish aluminium, available in two sizes: 5 or 8 cm. Each sphere contains a latest generation 16 Watt LED light source providing brilliant light and excellent colour reproduction. Casino 8 is a coloured pendant down-light reminiscent in style of Falling Water. The lamp head has a 2W warm white LED light. Another cylindrical 14W LED light in the long suspension tube can be programmed at the flick of a small switch to provide one of eight colours. Two clicks of the switch will trigger rotating colour changes every 5 minutes.


Tobias Grau
Siemensstrasse 35b
D - 25462 Rellingen
Tel. +49 (0)4101 370 0
Fax +49 (0)4101 370 1000
E-mail: info@tobias-grau.com

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