Facelift for Piazza Duomo
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Facelift for Piazza Duomo

Facelift for Piazza Duomo
By Editorial Staff -

The pavement of Piazza Duomo in Milan is being redone as numerous stone slabs have been damaged, over the past two decades, by many factors, including the winter frost and the corrosive effect of the salts used to prevent icing. The work has covered nearly half of the surface of the piazza and it has been divided into four sections. Mapei’s involvement was to supply and apply the materials that were chosen specifically for their resistance to de-icing salts and freeze-thaw cycles. 

The first step was to remove and replace the broken slabs, and to clean up those that were not beyond repair. 

The installation screed was made using Mapestone TFB 60 pre-blended mortar. 50x150 cm pink Baveno granite slabs were then laid on top of this. 

The expansion joints were sealed with Mapeflex PU45, while the grouting was done with pre-blended Mapestone PFS 2 mortar as this has good mechanical and abrasion resistance (c45/55). 



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