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Exterior 2.3 Collection

Two Lines for Infinite Coating Options

Exterior 2.3 Collection
By Editorial Staff -
Fundermax has participated in the project

Exterior 2.3 is Fundermax’s new collection where innovative ideas and quality materials come together to create versatile surfaces that offer incredible design freedom. Fundermax is an Austrian company that has more than 130 years of experience in the production of wood composite elements and in this collection it has leveraged this extensive know-how to create a range of designer cladding suitable for a wide variety of architectural uses within a framework of product sustainability. This new collection is part of the Max Compact Exterior solutions, a line of high-pressure laminates that are weather, scratch, impact and light resistant. The double-cured polyurethane acrylic resin ensures high performance to withstand even the most adverse weather conditions, making it suitable for coating façades or balconies.

Collezione Exterior 2.3 © Avdieienko Ivan

To meet the esthetic and technical requirements of different projects, Exterior 2.3 is organized in two lines: Essential and Pro Surface. 
The former is the result of careful research into color and decorative finishes and offers a wide range of options, from subtle to vibrant monochromatic shades, as well as textures inspired by wood and other materials. Such solutions find ideas in nature and its harmony, an inexhaustible source of inspiration. For this collection, Fundermax offers five different sizes – 2800x1300, 4100x1300, 3670x1630, 2800x1854 and 4100x1854 mm – available in combination with the NT surface finish, which gives a silky matt effect enhanced by a fine hammered texture. 

Collezione Exterior 2.3 © Avdieienko Ivan

Pro Surface, on the other hand, is a design statement that creates striking and innovative visual effects when paired with NG Gloss and NY Sky shiny and textured finishes, respectively. Alternatively, the coatings in the range can be combined with NP Paragon’s matte anti-fingerprint finishes, which are particularly suited to enhancing Pro Surface textures. The available format for these solutions is 4100x1300 mm. Whichever Exterior 2.3 finish, size or cladding is chosen, Fundermax offers architects high-performance products that are the result of the skillful and careful processing of materials.

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